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CCTE Sino-foreign Joint School Dual Certificates Program is developed for international students who want to get an extra China education experience and certificate while being with their higher national education. Programs are delivered by joint schools in different countries which cooperated by both a national institution and a Chinese institution. Most of the subjects selected to recruit students are very popular majors in the world that have involved advantages of both schools and a strong connection with transcultural careers.

To join a CCTE program

These programs are only open to students enrolled into one of our joint school. You should firstly find a joint school in your country and select a major route if you are interested in participating in. For country specific entry requirement please enquire our staff at Global Admission Centre in your country:

To be a CCTE partner

We are currently opening global partnership strategy to assist in establishing sino-foreign joint schools with Chinese institutions. Welcome institutions in any country to participate in this cooperation processing if you are looking for a Chinese partner. Please submit this online application through which the information of your institution will be automatically collected into our database for institutional cooperation matching. Our staff in your country will contact you as soon as we receive it.