Inheriting the Past and Forging ahead into the Future “B&R ‘Internet+’International Education” series of seminars held successfully in Malaysia
Tang : 2017-08-03

“Belt and Road ‘Internet+’ Chinese Education” launching ceremony co-hosted by Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (UTAR), Huaqiao University, and Tang is held successfully in Malaysia. After the launching ceremony, Tang organizes a series of seminars in different themes from July 27th to 28th together with Huaqiao University, Tianjin University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Northwest University, and UTAR. The main topics of these seminars are the necessity of deep exchange between educational institutions in both China and Malaysia by making the most of Internet technology.

"Belt and Road 'Internet +' Chinese Education Seminar" is hosted by Mrs. Liu Fei, the president of Tang on July 27th. The relevant leaders and teachers from Huaqiao University, Tianjin University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Northwest University, and UTAR attended the seminar. Besides, the principals and representatives from 12 high schools in Malaysia also attends the seminar. The discussion focuses on "the current situation of informatization construction for Chinese education and the necessity and feasibility of developing it" as well as “the orientation of studying abroad and employment of Malaysian high school graduates.

During the discussing, Professor Jia Yimin, headmaster of Huaqiao University, presents the concept of “Greater Chinese”. He points out that Huaqiao University is the first university to install the smart teaching & learning system in Chinese education in order to encourage teachers to use Tang Chinese Education Cloud Platform. Huaqiao University is collaborating with Tang in PGD for Chinese culture based on "Internet +". Mr. Li Jinsong, CEO of Tang shares the improvement and innovation of Tang’s products and shows the initial achievement of the textbook resources based on Malaysia’s situation. He hopes more high-quality teaching resources could be made through Tang’s technology products.

All the guests communicates about the current situation of informatization construction for Malaysia Chinese education in details and presents some valuable advices to Tang’s products according to the current situation of their schools. Besides, they shows grateful to Tang for supporting the development of Malaysia Chinese education. Tang indicates that they would provide more high-quality service to help the teachers and students obtain better teaching and learning effect.

Mr. Li Qiang from School of International Education Tianjin University, Mrs. Ren Huilian from International Cultural Exchange School Northwest University, Mr. Zhang Fang from Center for International Education, and Beijing Jiaotong University introduce their schools and discusses about why fewer Malaysian high school students prefer not to study in China. They think at the current time it is a tendency to encourage the Malaysian students to study in China and they should expand understanding, increase mutual trust, and broaden cooperation with each other.

On July 28th morning,Professor Ewe Hong Tat , the vice president of UTAR, hosts the "Belt and Road ‘Internet+’ "Academic Education seminar. In the seminar, Professor Ewe Hong Tat introduces the attempts and achievements on online teaching of UTAR,and he indicates that Tang`s smart teaching & learning system would be used in not only the Chinese but the English class in UTAR. Teachers and students from UTAR show their great interest in using the new "Internet +" teaching products. Mr. Li Jinsong presents that at the current time Tang is collaborating with many universities in China to improve the academic education by taking advantage of Tang’s products and technology. The participants reaches a consensus on promoting the informatization construction of teaching resources and the working group would push forward the following-up work.

On July 28th afternoon, representatives from Chinese universities with Tang visits Kuala Lumpur Kuen Cheng High School. Madam Gooi Swee Gaik, headmaster of Kuen Cheng high school with administrative leaders and teachers warmly welcome all the guests. They arrange a deep communication on the Malaysian education system, situation of Chinese Independent School, international students of Kuen Cheng high school, and the usage of Tang smart teaching & learning system and cloud platform, promoting mutual trust between each other.

From the series of seminars, Tang deepened understanding and enhanced mutual trust with partners of both Malaysia and China. In addition, it clarified the future development direction so that it can promote the informatization of Malaysian Chinese education and build a new platform for the Malaysian students to study in China.