“Tang’s System Installation & Training session” are conducted at Ipoh Shen Jai High School, Perak
Tang : 2017-09-20

On September 7th, 2017 (Thursday), Alan, the Business Development Manager of Malaysia’s Tang Chinese Education, together with Lisa, the trainer, Ms. Si Yao, the I.T Technician and Ms. Rico, visited Ipoh Shen Jai High School to do the smart education system’s installation and teachers’ training.

When arriving at Shen Jai High School, Ms. Si Yao started her work to inspect all the equipment in multimedia classroom. She found that the Internet signal was very weak in the speed of 8Mbps. However, the lacking internet speed did not hinder the system’s normal running. And then Ms. Si Yao checked on the encoder device, recorder, and other equipment to make sure that everything was in good situation and would not influence the training session next day.

On September 8th, 2017 (Friday), Tang’s service team arrived at the school in advance and started their own work as planned. Lisa, the trainer of Tang’s Beijing office, was assigned to offer a training session to all teachers; Alan was required to assisting in preparing the class attendance list, printing of manual instructions and teachers’ access username/passwords, while Riko was responsible for all teachers’ seats. Every member of the team was trying to complete the clear-cut assignment of responsibility.

In the morning at 7:45am, Madam Ho, the principal of Shen Jai High School, received the service team and guided them to the multimedia-classroom, allowing the team to have test runs on the system before the training session started.

At 9 am sharp, 11 teachers teaching different levels of Mandarin, together with 2 admin executives and I.T members, attended the training session with their laptop preparing for practice. Due to the slow internet speed in school, the service team used Tang’s 4G WIFI device instead to ensure all teachers’ successful access to the cloud system.

In the first session, Lisa briefed teachers on the general features provided on the cloud platform, including the functions for searching the teaching resources, exercises, exam papers, and for data analysis.

At 1pm after lunch, Lisa continued the 2nd session concerning the online exercises & exams organization. Attended teachers applied the ready-made data to try to create their own online test papers and some even created new ones based on their personal thoughts. In order to check out the training effect toward teachers, each teacher has been asked to construct a simple exercise paper on the cloud platform with Alan and Rik’s help during the process and Ms. Si Yao offered technical support at the same time.

Teachers’ training ended at 3:00 pm, Ms. Si Yao then gave the I.T supervisors a short training on how to install and set up the Smart Teaching and Learning System afterwards. When the training completely ended at around 4pm, and a group photo of attendees was taken with the principal.

The principal, Madam Ho, was very grateful for Tang’s training work and sent the service team gifts for gratitude. Tang will keep supporting Shen Jai high school whenever in need.