Training Session for “Dong Zong”, KL
Tang : 2017-10-13

On Oct 5th, 2017, a training session was conducted at Tang’s KL office for the audience from “Dong Zong”, the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia that unites members of local association to safeguard and develop Chinese Education in Malaysia. This training session was aiming to introduce Tang’s Smart Teaching and Learning System as well as International Education Could System and present its functions, helping Dong Zong representatives learn more about Tang’s smart education products.

Prof. Lim, one of the Dong Zong’s supervisor, was quite interested in the Administrator’s role in Tang’s smart system and showed her curiosity in how to create quality educational resources by using of the system. She yearned to reform Malaysian independent schools’ teaching resources and standardize current teaching materials, enabling all the local Chinese schools to freely apply shared resources and make progress side by side. The head of I.T department, Mr. Yang was impressed with the surface connected to Tang’s Smart System that replaced textbook, reference book, and even workbook, facilitating teachers to extract materials conveniently from the system on class.

At 12 p.m., Tang treated all attendees with a nice lunch. Alan, Tang’s Business Development Manager, took chance to mingled with Dong Zong staff so as to obtain more feedback about Tang’s Products.

At the end of session, Dong Zong attendees discussed and exchanged their opinions about Tang’s Smart System they just learned. Mr. Zhuang, the director of finance department, showed a very strong interest in Tang’s products; Mr. Chan, the education system consultant, focused on how to integrate teaching resource and let more than 60 independent schools fairly share and use these materials. The rest of the attendees cared about how the efficiency could be brought to the school education with the help of Tang’s products.

The further discussion regarding to the cooperation between Tang and Dong Zong will proceed after their representatives submitted the report of this training session.