A Courtesy Visit to UTAR, Sg. Long
Tang : 2018-02-05

On 12 January, 2018 (Friday), a courtesy visit to UTAR at Sg. Long was performed by Mrs. Liu Fei (the Chairman of Tang), Mr. Li Jingsong (the CEO of Tang), and Alan (the BD Manager of Tang’s Malaysia branch office).

A meeting was held at the university with Tang and UTAR representatives involved. The attended representatives, on the side of UTAR, were the Principal, Ir. Prof. Dr. Chuah Hean Teik, Dr. Zhang Seow Wei, the Dean of the faculty of Chinese Studies, Dr. Zheng, the Deputy Dean of the faculty of Chinese Studies, Dr. Ngeow, the Supervisor of the faculty of Chinese Second Languages, Dr. Chui, one of the faculty members of Chinese Medicine, along with 5 lecturers.

At the meeting, a data report about the usage of Tang’s smart system installed in UTAR was presented by the Principal Prof. Dr. Chuah followed by a schedule setting out for the system’s spreading to other departments. The proposal for academic collaboration between UTAR and China’s prestigious universities was considered and discussed as well.

A session for souvenir exchange between Tang and UTAR took place at the end of the meeting.