A Courtesy Visit to Jit Sin Independent High School, Penang
Tang : 2018-03-26

21th March, 2018 (Wednesday), Alan Kong on behalf of Tang visited Jit Sin Independent High School, Penang at 11am. The meeting was conducted with the principal Mr. Tan Kee Keat and the supervisor of Mandarin Mr. Lu.

Alan introduced Tang’s background and products, especially International Education Cloud Platform (云平台). The principal was impressed with the features of the system, although the supervisor Mr. Lu at first queried the teaching materials provided on the system which were limited to the secondary level 2. Alan explained that Tang would usually provide a service team to assist the user school to customize and reconstruct teaching materials, online test paper, exercises, and homework for students from time to time.

Later, Alan mentioned an event which is about Tang’s International Education Cloud Platform donated by entrepreneurs help Malaysian local schools improve Mandarin teaching methods and resources management via technology, he also gained the principal’s commitment to hold a M.O.U signing ceremony next week.