“M.O.U. Signing Ceremony for Tang & Jit Sin Independent High School, Penang”
Tang : 2018-04-03

29th March, 2018 (Thursday), a ceremony of the M.O.U signing between Tang and Jit Sin Independent High School was held at 11am. Principal Mr. Tan Kee Keat and Mr. Lu (the supervisor of Mandarin subject) on behalf of the school attended the ceremony.

Before the signing ceremony officially started, Alan on behalf of Tang introduced the sponsors and explained the terms and conditions of the M.O.U regarding to the donation of Tang’s International Cloud Platform. The signing ceremony started as soon as the principal was aware of all the M.O.U contents.

After signing, Mr. Lu advised Alan to arrange a training session on 7th April 2018 after their discussion. Tang’s trainer Ms. Riko would involve and take over the training work later.

All the ceremony attendees took a photo together before leaving.