The First Postgraduate Chinese Teaching Micro-class Contest (National Invitational Contest) Completed Successfully
Tang : 2018-12-17

On December 16, 2018, at the 7th National Chinese Language International Education Talent Training Forum and Professional Master Training Workshop, the awarding ceremony of the first graduate Chinese teaching micro-class competition (National Invitational Competition) was grandly held. A total of 60 contestants won the competition and 5 universities won the best organization award. The conference expressed its sincere thanks to the 46 judges for their hard work.

Professor Zhao Yang from Peking University and Professor Xiao Qiang from Nanjing Normal University presented awards to 5 universities that won the Best Organization

The First Postgraduate Chinese Teaching Micro-class Contest (National Invitational Contest), sponsored by the School of Chinese Culture of Beijing Normal University and Tang Chinese, aims to conform to the educational and teaching reform trend in the "internet +" era, explore effective modes and methods of information technology in innovative application of classroom teaching and learning, promote the application of information teaching methods in the field of Chinese international education, and enhance the ability of future teachers to apply information technology.

The competition has won the strong support of 20 universities (ranked by the order of sound) which including Peking University, Beijing Normal University, beijing language and culture university, Fujian Normal University, Guangxi Normal University, East China Normal University, South China Normal University, Central China Normal University, Jilin University, Jiangsu University, Nanjing Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University, Shanghai University, Shanghai Foreign Studies University, Tianjin University, Wuhan University, Northwest University, Northwest Normal University, Yunnan Normal University and Central University for Nationalities. More than 500 Chinese and foreign masters and doctoral degree students majoring in Chinese international education, linguistics, applied linguistics and other related disciplines enthusiastically entered the competition.

On November 25, 329 works selected and recommended by the above-mentioned 20 universities entered the preliminary review stage. 37 first-line expert judges watched the works of the micro-lesson contest online, reviewed the teaching styles, micro-lesson characteristics and course effects of the contestants from nearly 30 countries, and selected 60 finalists.

On December 5, the contest entered the final stage. A final panel of judges composed of Dean Zhao Yang of the School of Chinese Education as a Foreign Language of Peking University, Dean Zhu Ruiping and Deputy Dean Li Weidong of the School of Chinese Culture of Peking Normal University, Dean Zhang Jianmin of the School of International Chinese Culture of East China Normal University, Dean Wu Yinghui of the Graduate School of Central University for Nationalities, Dean Wu Heping of the School of International Cultural Exchange of Northwest Normal University, Dean Pengjun Zuo of the School of International Cultural Exchange of South China Normal University, Dean Zuobin of the School of International Cultural Exchange of Central China Normal University, Professor beijing language and culture university Zheng Yanqun and President of Tang Chinese Li Jinsong made the final evaluation of the finalists and determined the winners.

A group photo of Tang Chinesen Wang Caihong, Teacher Ma Di and judge experts.

Seven contestants including Peking University Wu Pingfan, Shanghai International Studies University Liu Zuomin, and Fujian Normal University Huang Haoyang won first prizes. Northwest Normal University Sun Zhe and Beijing Normal University Yang Jujia and other 10 contestants won second prizes. Jilin University Maxi 30 contestants including South China Normal University Feng Yifei won the third prize, and 5 universities of Northwest Normal University, South China Normal University, Jilin University, Minzu University of China, and Shaanxi Normal University won the Best Organization Award.

In this competition, Tang Chinese independent research and developement Chinese international education cloud platform and smart teaching and learning system which provided comprehensive support. The curriculum generation system has the characteristics of mobility, fragmentation, and automation of the entire process. It is convenient to produce micro-classes. The performance and efficiency of the platform have also been praised by contestants, teachers and judges. The first postgraduate Chinese teaching micro-course competition (National Invitational Competition) will also serve as a starting point to continuously lead and witness the future of Chinese international education in the Internet era.

Appendix: List of Winners

The First Prize:

Name Name of School Course Title
Lu Kai Shaanxi Normal University The Teaching of Preposition
Huang Haoyang Fujian Normal University Grammar:Existing Sentence “verb+with”
Wu Pingfan Peking University “Resultative” Complement - Wu Pingfan
Liang Yutong Minzu University of China Discrimination of the Meaning of "Once" and "Already"
Liu Zuomin Shanghai International Studies University The Continuous Sentence to express “Purpose”
Tang Xiaofan Beijing Normal University How to Use WeChat-Tang Xiaofan (Culture)
Shen Yani East China Normal University as……as……/……when……

The Second Prize:

Name Name of School Course Title
Guan Li Jilin University The Method of Greeting Chinese Friends (Culture)
Yang Yejia Beijing Normal University The Radical: the Component of "Mouth"
Mu Lanfang Minzu University of China Adjective Reduplications
Hou Lingjie Peking University With...... (no) the same
Shi Zhen Minzu University of China Auxiliary Word of Tense: zhe“着”
Sun Congqiang Fujian Normal University How much is a pencil?
Jia Ru Shanghai International Studies University Preposition word: “bring/get/have”- Jia Ru
Guan Huishan (International Student) South China Normal University Tone Sandhi: one “一” and no “不”
Dai Fei (International Student) Guangxi Normal University Because......, So......
Sun Zhe Northwest Normal University The Phrase: de“的”

The Third Prize:

Name Name of School Course Title
Wang Hua Guangxi Normal University “Tone”
Wang Ka Qiusha(International Student) Jilin University Ideogrammic Compounds
Wang Youfeng Minzu University of China Review of Grammar: Complements of Potentiality
Yin Jianzhen Yunnan Normal University Kunming is hotter than Beijing
Wu Lingchen Shanghai University Sentence of Being-Wu Lingchen
Kong Fu Yu Shanghai International Studies University Adverb of time: cai “才”and jiu“就”
Lu Yifei Beijing Language and Culture University “The Basic Usage of the Sentence “be”: shi“是” …… de“的"
Kang Mengzhen Shaanxi Normal University Adverb of time:cai “才”and jiu“就”words
Chen Yun Shanghai International Studies University The word: bi“比”/compare
Chen Hong East China Normal University bei “被”/be done sentence-Chen Hong
Lin Ningying Beijing Normal University as……as……/……when……-Lin Ningying
Zhai Yu Jilin University Talk about oxen and horses
Liu Qiaochu and Zhao Haihao Beijing Normal University Language point-Grammar point - Continuous sentence
Chen Shuo Peking University The Usage of “Quantifier Complements” in Chinese
Ma Xi (International Student) Jilin University Online Shopping in China (Culture)
Niu Xiangxuan Northwest University The use of "being"
Yan Congcong Peking University Verb Reduplication
Hu Xiaomin Fujian Normal University The word: bi“比”/compare:A+比+B+adj.
Sun Mengnan Fujian Normal University The Comparative sentence "A than B + adjective"
Wang Jinyun Central China Normal University The Evolution of Chinese Characters
Leng Xinyue South China Normal University Teaching of Chinese Characters _ Animal Articles
Shigeru Maono (international student) Peking University Discrimination of Synonyms: "Somewhat and A Little"
Du Manrong Shanghai University "Almost" and "Almost Nothing"
Lin Yu (international student) Northwest University Resultative Complement-Lin Yu
Li Min Beijing Language and Culture University Adverb of time: cai “才”and jiu“就”
Qian Yun Wuhan University Directional Complement: “get up”
Feng Yifei South China Normal University Would rather … than…
Tan Ying Jiangsu University shi“是” …… de“的" sentence
Yan Hongli Tianjin University Tone-Yan Hongli
Zhao Ruili Nanjing Normal University To explain two actions happen in the same time to a person: s+v1+着+v2

The Merit Prize:

Name Name of School Course Title
Gong Yaoming East China Normal University would rather…than
Peishi Xuanzhuang (international student) Guangxi Normal University not…but
Wang Xiaorong Shanghai International Studies University The Origin of Chinese characters
Cai Xinxin Wuhan University bi“比”/compare sentence_Cai Xinxin
Zhang Mengmeng Shanghai University Chinese’s Style Parents (Culture)
Lu Fangcao (international student) Guangxi Normal University The Beauty of Chinese Characters: Ideogrammic Compounds
He Zhendong South China Normal University Constant Effort Brings Success 
Zhang Wanlu Central China Normal University A Noun of Locality
Chen Rui Jiangsu University The teaching word: “bring/get/have”
Tang Ying Nanjing Normal University Complement: “get up”
Lu Pengfei Tianjin University Tone
Xu Fanchen Northwest Normal University How to Live During the Travel (Culture)
Wang Lu Yunnan Normal University Have To

The above works will be open to the majority of Chinese language teachers and students for teaching, learning and research, specific opening methods until further notice.