Tang was invited to participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum The China-Russia CCTE of international education cooperation model is landing quickly.
Tang : 2019-06-11

At the forum, Li Jinsong (President of Tang Chinese) take a photo with Academician Glaziez (President of Putin's Chief Economic Adviser)

From May 31 to June 5, 2019, the 23rd session of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum which Russia-China Business Sub Forum was solemnly held in St. Petersburg, Russia. This forum was strongly supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the International Association of Industry and Entrepreneurs, the Russian-China Business Center and the Eurasian High-tech Center. The high-level internationalization conference jointly sponsored by the Chinese Consulate General in St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg municipal government, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian-Chinese "The Belt and Road Initiative" Strategic Development Research Institute and other institutions. Mr. Li Jinsong (President of Tang Chinese), who attended the conference as an important guest, he had in-depth talks of Chinese and Russian countries’economic, scientific, educational and others authorities. They reached a consensus on China-Russia international education cooperation in the new era.

Meeting with St. Petersburg School of Management and Business Technology

Meeting with St. Petersburg State Alexander I Emperor Jiaotong University

On April 3, at the 3rd session of forum which is collaborative development of the Greater Eurasian Partnership and the "the belt and road initiative" Initiative, by Academician Glaziez (President Putin's advisor), Academician Yakovitz Yuri Vlakimirovichthe (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences), Academician Chen Zhigang( Chairman of the Russian-Chinese "the belt and road initiative" Strategic Development Research Institute), Mr. Li Jinsong (President of Tang Chinese), and many other presidents of Russian universities are jointly launched an initiative to establish 100 CCTE-model modernized China-Russia International Colleges within five years and reported to President Putin.

During the meeting, in order to implement the proposal as soon as possible, Mr. Li Jinsong (President of Tang Chinese) was successively visited and held talks with universities and vocational schools such as St. Petersburg National Emperor Alexander I Jiaotong University, St. Petersburg State Technical University, Northwest Management College, Baltic Institute of Humanities, St. Petersburg School of Management and Business Technology, and St. Petersburg Institute of Architecture and Engineering.

All parties have conducted in-depth discussions on the China-Russia’s CCTE cooperation model, and Russian colleges and universities have expressed strong interest in the construction of China-Russia international colleges under the framework of the CCTE model, and are willing to join more institutions to form a Russian education delegation to visit China in September to continue to deepen understanding and promote cooperation.

Signed a contract with the Parliamentary University of the Eurasian Economic Community of Russia

At the forum, under the witness of the distinguished guests of China and Russia, Tang Chinese and the Parliamentary University of the Eurasian Economic Community of Russia jointly signed the "Framework Agreement on International Cooperation in running Schools of the China-Russia CCTE Model", which agreed on the long-term cooperation between the two sides, and also announced the formal implementation of the CCTE model in Russia.