Former Thailand Deputy Prime Minister and his party visited Tang to reach a consensus on CCTE education cooperation between China and Thailand
Tang : 2019-09-09

On the afternoon September 8, 2019, Mr. Benizaru Somba (former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and Chairman of the Thai-Chinese Committee for the Promotion of Culture) and Mr. Zheng Wenying (Vice Chairman of the Thai-Chinese Committee for the Promotion of Culture) visited Tang, they conducted in-depth discuss on the current situation of China-Thailand education and the Tang CCTE model. They two sides reached a consensus to further promoting the educational cooperation of CCTE model, and this month they will meet in Thailand for further discuss about this cooperation.

At this exchange conference, Mr. Li Jinsong (President of Tang), he expounded the Tang’s history and advantages, and Mr. Zhuang Lei,(Business Director of Vocational Education) has made a detail report of CCTE's international education cooperation model. Mr. Penny listened carefully to the relevant reports of Tang and in his subsequent speech he said that some education programs in Thailand are still relatively backward, China's technology and education are currently leading advance. He agrees with Tang's landing service mode which should training teachers before training children, and he believes that Tang's CCTE international education cooperation mode is fully use of Tang 's technological advantages which connect the educational expertise of China and Thailand universities, and it is combined with the talent cultivation of industrial development. This mode is leading and very executable. Mr. Penny also invited President Lee visit to Thailand on that month for further in-depth communicate , which mobilizing resources to further expand the scale and influence of CCTE education cooperation between China and Thailand, bringing more practical growth for institutions, teachers and students, and training more international and professional talents for Thailand's 4.0 Plan and EEC Eastern Economic Corridor Plan.