Tang International Education Group has reached a strategic cooperation with the Thai Ministry of Education’s Vocational Education Committee.Deputy Monk King Songde Tongchai and Thai Minister of Education attended the signing ceremony.
Tang : 2020-05-16

On the afternoon of May 15, 2020, the signing ceremony for the joint development of the Chinese Language teaching project by Tang International Education Group,the Thai Ministry of Education’s Vocational Education Committee, Songde Tunchai who is Deputy Monk King of Thailand Longcai Foundation, Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan,the Minister of Education of Thailand, Mr. Nalong Park Pengsong Secretary General of the Thai Ministry of Education’s Vocational Education Committee, Vocational Education Center’s leader attended the signing ceremony. Li Jinsong the President of Tang International Education Group and the special guest, Zhao Yang,the Dean of School of Chinese as a Second Language of Peking University, attended the signing ceremony by live broadcast.

Tang reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Thai Vocational Education Commission in response to the Thai Ministry of Education's closure of Thailand education organizations from March 18 to July 1, 2020. Tang will provide modern Chinese online teaching courses and platform to support 100,000 teachers and students from more than 900 colleges and universities during the three-month period from May 1 to July 31. There will be extensive and in-depth cooperation in teacher training, China-Thailand cooperation in running schools, and the integration of industry and education.

Tang teamed up with nearly 70 well-known colleges and universities in China to provide a pair of front-line Chinese volunteer teacher to provide targeted support and help for local Chinese teachers and students in Thailand. Tang also took the lead with Peking University to bring together of China's top nine universities to launch R&D training courses to help Thailand’s Chinese teachers to develop their long-term teaching ability and improve their academic qualifications.

At the signing ceremony, Tang has introduced the "Tang Chinese Course" and the dual-teacher teaching model, which integrates information platform, curriculum, mobile learning, intelligent assessment and big data's learning analysis. Also, the student of Vocational Education Center in Bangkok was demonstrated the online learning process, which was recognized and praised by the guests.

Mr Nataphol Teepsuwan, Minister of Education of Thailand, pointed out that the impact of the epidemic is a important opportunity to reform a new model of education and teaching. In Thailand, teachers and students at all stages level of education should learn and adapt to the online teaching model. Minister Nataphol is relatively more worried about teachers' adaptation to this change, but seeing the new online Chinese teaching mode displayed by Tang today, he is full of confidence in the future online teaching and expresses his appreciation and gratitude to Tang.

At the same time, Tang provided 100,000 teaching accounts for the Vocational Education Commission. Tang hope that the Vocational Education Commission can make good use of the platform, implement it well, promote it well, and ensure the quality and quantity of Chinese learning will produce good results. The China government and the education department have given a great degree of support to Thailand’s education, which is the motivation for everyone to learn Chinese attentively. cooperation between the two countries will train a large number of talents who have made important contributions to Thailand, ASEAN, Asia and even the world.

Minister Nataphol is full of confidence in the cooperation between Tang and the Vocational Education Commission. He points out that this cooperation will play an important role in promoting the reform of the new education model in Thailand, the development of online Chinese teaching, and the friendship between China and Thailand.

Deputy Monk King Songde Tongguess thanked the Thai Ministry of Education for support the online Chinese teaching, and also thanked Tang for helps Thailand’s Chinese education development.The Deputy Monk King said that Mr. Li Jinsong, President of Tang, has been educating with the Buddha's heart for many years, and he always has made serious efforts to support the educational in different countries and educational exchanges between China and Thailand. In Thailand, this is the first time of Vocational Education Commission cooperated fully with online Chinese teaching project. It is a pioneering work and is the first step in international teaching cooperation. Today,Chinese language is playing an increasingly important role on the world stage. China and Thailand have a deep friendship and similar cultures which let them have put forward requirements for Chinese language learning. This cooperation started from the Vocational Education Committee, which is exactly the vision of Minister Natapon and the practical work of Secretary General Nalong, because vocational education bears the responsibility of Thailand as an ASEAN economic center for technological innovation and application.

The Deputy Monk King praised Tang for his long-standing integration of knowledge and practice in promoting Chinese education in Thailand. This cooperation hopes that the Vocational Education Commission will take the advantage of Tang's support to improve online teaching ability and teaching level.This will also set an example for other education departments and strive for this cooperation as a model for Belt and Road Initiative's international education in China. We hope everyone will work together and make further efforts!

Mr. Nalong Pupengsong, Secretary General of the Vocational Education Committee of Thailand's Ministry of Education, he proposed a teaching solution to replace curriculum learning in response to the epidemic. The signing of the contract is an important in Chinese language learning and will bring about a significant and permanent improvement in the Thailand’s vocational education. Students who have a good command of Chinese will have more opportunities to get scholarships, study exchanges and start a business. He would like to thank the Minister, Monk King Songde Tongchai and Tang Chinese for their support to Thailand’s vocational education.

The ceremony broadcast the results of Tang International Education Group's work in supporting Chinese language teaching in Thailand over the past few years. So far, Tang has served nearly 1,000 teachers and 20,000 students from more than 50 vocational colleges in Thailand, and completed the construction of 27 China-Thailand international colleges in different disciplines, and supported hundreds of Thai teachers and students to visit and exchange with China’s colleges and universities. In addition, 239 students from China-Thailand International College to further study in China with dual degrees, and supported a total amount of nearly 10 million Yuan in scholarships.

Mr. Li Jinsong, President of Tang, he thanked the leaders of Thailand have bringing modern Chinese education during the epidemic. During the epidemic, Tang Group has assisted 168 universities in China, trained nearly 3, 000 teachers and provided online teaching services to 160,000 students from more than 80 countries.

This time, the Tang's cooperation with the Vocational Education Committee of the Ministry of Education of Thailand will provide online Chinese teaching services for all-Thai vocational education students, which will promote the modern development of Chinese education in Thailand, which enhance the ability and academic qualifications of Chinese teachers in Thailand, and enable more Thai vocational colleges to realize Chinese language+ professional’s CCTE China-Thailand double academic qualifications, to provide outstanding talents for major projects these two countries. Through our cooperation project, we will promote the close relationship between China and Thailand.

Zhao Yang, Dean of the Peking University School of Chinese as a Second Language, said in his speech that the cooperation between Tang and the Thai Vocational Education Commission is a major event in the history of Thailand’s education and a milestone in international Chinese language education.Peking University School of Chinese as a Second Language will help the Thai Vocational Education Commission and Tang International Education Group to develop Chinese language teaching and participate in this great cause.

Finally, the signing ceremony will promote the comprehensive reform of Chinese language teaching in Thailand, and will lay a good foundation for vocational education and all-round educational exchanges and cooperation between China and Thailand.