The 3rd National Postgraduate Chinese Teaching Micro-class Competition was successfully launched online!
Tang : 2020-08-01

On the afternoon of July 24, the 3rd National Chinese Teaching Micro-class Competition for postgraduates (hereinafter referred to as "the 3rd Micro-class Competition") was held online ceremoniously. The organizer of the 3rd Micro-class Competition, Li Weidong (Vice Dean of School of Chinese Culture, Beijing normal University), Li Qiang (Dean of School of International Education, Tianjin University), Li Jinsong (President of Tang Chinese), and 14 expert members of the expert steering Committee of the postgraduate Chinese Teaching Micro-class Competition attended the meeting and offered suggestions.

The meeting was chaired by Ms. Wang Caihong (Director of Tang Chinese Strategic Cooperation Department). Li Jinsong (President Tang Chinese) was first introduced the origin and history of the Micro-class Competition and put forward the three expectations for this competition: first, it is hoped that the third Micro-class Competition can accommodate more participants, including the E9 league and colleges of science, industry, agriculture and medicine; second, it can attract more foreign players to participate in the competition; third, there are more cultural courses will participate, the participating colleges will produce more series of courses, its to better demonstrate the overall level of their colleges.

Associate Professor Li Weidong ( Assistant Dean of the School of Chinese Language and Culture of Beijing Normal University), said that after the previous two competitions of experience, on this currently 3rd Micro-class Competition will have more exploration and innovation in terms of purpose, objectives, content and format. It is more emphasis should be placed on training international Chinese Teaching talents with modern teaching consciousness and ability under the background of "Internet +".

Subsequently, Professor Du Xiuping, assistant dean of the School of International Education of Tianjin University, he gave a theme report entitled "Considerations on Disciplinary Construction of Chinese International Education in the Post-epidemic Period". In the report, he mentioned some new career opportunities, such as learning Architect, learning designer, etc., at the same time, he also emphasized the construction of Chinese international education subject under the new liberal arts concept and through the Micro-class Competition, we can strengthen students' cultivation of micro-class design thinking.

Finally, Associate Professor Zhang Xiaohui, Dean of the School of Chinese Language and Literature of Beijing Foreign Studies University, she shared the organization experience and perception of the second Micro-class Competition in the context of COVID-19 epidemic normalization in his report. It also analyzes the challenges that COVID-19 's epidemic brings to international Chinese education, and she believes that online teaching tends to be normalized, which brings opportunities for the construction of micro-classes. And she also said that by enriching the types of micro-classes, it’s the ways to promote teaching by competition, to promote training by competition, and to expand the new functions of micro-class competition.

Associate Professor Lu Wei, assistant dean of the School of International Culture of South China Normal University, she hosted the second phase of the seminar and the experts conducted in-depth discussions on the competition schedule, participants and topic selection. Especially on the past two micro-class competitions, and under the special environment of the global COVID-19 epidemic, experts have suggested that the third micro-class competition should have more exploration and innovation on the basis of standardizing in both content and form. The third micro-class competition will set up a separate group for international students to encourage more of them to participate in this competition.

The topic selection of this year should be distinguished from the previous award-winning works. The currently submitted works focus on elementary language teaching and should be guided by topic selection, so that it is easy for students to avoid taking refuge in the topic selection. At the same time, by investigating the whereabouts of the winners of the previous competitions, hope they can share their experiences and insights, and further promote the micro-class competition, and use the evaluation of the participants to enhance everyone's recognition of this competition.

At the meeting, the experts affirmed the leading role of the micro-class competition in Hanshuo's ability training and construction. At the beginning of this year, in the face of the severe situation of the epidemic, various colleges and universities have "classes suspended but learning continues" and launched online teaching. Tang Chinese opened up its past years outstanding competition works to colleges and universities to support online teaching. College teachers highly affirmed about these excellent entries. It can be seen that the construction of the micro-class resource database is a great significance and high value for all types of teachers for training of Chinese language.

Finally, Dean Li Qiang of the School of International Education of Tianjin University made a summary of the meeting. Dean Li said that he will work hard to hold the 3rd National Postgraduate Chinese Teaching Micro-Class Competition. Based on the experience of the two competitions previously, he will achieve new results for this year and make the 3rd competition with bright spots and innovation.

Under the severe situation of the spread of the global COVID-19 epidemic, the online teaching tends to be normal, which not only improves the information-based teaching ability of Chinese teachers, but also further promotes the in-depth integration of information technology and Chinese education and teaching. Under this situation, the national postgraduate Chinese teaching micro-class competition will be improve the information-based teaching ability of Chinese international education’s talents, and it’s realize the integration and innovation of information technology, educational resources and talent training methods.

Tang Chinese,the School of Chinese Language and Culture of Beijing Normal University and the School of International Education of Tianjin University set out again to provide technical, organizational and activity support for this competition. And also join hands with other colleges to escort the competition successfully! Welcome all outstanding students to sign up to show the talents of Chinese international education in the new era!