"Artificial Intelligence + International Education" seminar was successfully held in Beijing
Tang : 2020-11-24

On November 14, 2020, the "Artificial Intelligence + International Education" seminar co-sponsored by Tianjin University International Education College and Tang International Education Group was held in Xiangshan, Beijing. Excellence 9 (E9), Peking University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Lanzhou University of Technology, and Tang International Education Group’s leaders and experts were attended the seminar.

With the theme of "Artificial Intelligence + International Education: Opportunities and Challenges", the participants jointly discussed and analyzed the impact of the development of new technologies such as 5G mobile communications, big data, and AI on international education, and discussed the development direction of international education in the post-epidemic era, in order to explore new strategies and new ideas. The seminar was hosted by Professor Chen Zhihua, Vice President of Lanzhou University of Technology.

During the conference, Mr. Li Jinsong, President of Tang International Education Group, he gave a report on the topic of "The New Era in the Development of International Education Modernization’s Opportunities and Practices ". Mr. Li proposed: "The AI+Chinese+Subject of international teacher-student teaching system in accordance with their aptitude of technology and product research and development " and "AI international education curriculum construction, teacher-student training and enrollment" are two directions of artificial intelligence international education to do research.

In facing of the huge change from Chinese teaching to online teaching, Professor Zheng Yanqun from the Research Institute of International Chinese Language Education at Beijing Language and Culture University and Professor Zhao Yang, Dean of the School of Chinese as a Second Language at Peking University, they separately shared reports on "Chinese Teaching and Research towards AI" and "Several changes in Higher Education". At the same time, they are given valuable suggestions for the development of Chinese teaching.

Professor Yu Mei from the College of Intelligence and Computing of Tianjin University and Professor Zhu Changsheng, Dean of the School of International Education of Lanzhou University of Technology. From a technical perspective, both of them analyzed the ways and methods of innovating artificial intelligence enabling education, improving educational quality and upgrading educational model in the post-epidemic era. At the same time, Professor Zhu Changsheng and Mr. Zhu Junqing from Tang International Education Group, both of them made a future planning for development of Tang Chinese International Education Intelligentization.

In addition, the experts shared their respective colleges and universities’ experience on the international education situation, and at the same time they discussed the current problems and the development of direction international education in the "Artificial Intelligence Era", intelligent curriculum and resource database content construction standards; the application of Internet, cloud computing, AI and other technologies in international education were discussed in depth.

Finally, Professor Chen Zhihua, Vice President of Lanzhou University of Technology and Mr. Li summarized the seminar: It is proposed to use the Tang platform to help E9 colleges and universities for overseas development; focus on the main body of international education (international students) and better integrate of artificial intelligence and international education; it is necessary to use full of intelligent technology to accelerate the reform of talent training model, teaching methods, build a new educational system which includes intelligent learning and interactive learning, and realize the organic combination of large-scale education and personalized training.

"Artificial intelligence, Chinese" represents the characteristics and advanced of international education. It is proposed that colleges and enterprise should unite the resources and jointly to promote international education towards to "artificial intelligence era". In terms of disciplines, we should start the research and development of local teachers'AI teaching tools and the training of AI teaching major. As a superior discipline, Chinese language should become China standard for exporting overseas.

At the end of the seminar, with the unanimous consent of the experts, the "AI + International Education" collaboration group was formally established to actively promote the development of artificial intelligence+ international education.