"Bravery Comes from Hardship, and Hard Work Begins to Succeed."
Tang : 2021-02-09

On February 7, 2021, Tang Chinese's 2020 work summary plan and awards commendation conference were held at the Beijing headquarters.

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, this annual conference was held in the form of "online+offline". All employees of Beijing headquarters attended the offline conference, and overseas branches such as Tang from Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Russia were participated in the online live conference.

Around the theme of“Bravery Comes from Hardship, and Hard Work Begins to Succeed", Tang people gathered together in a unique way to review and witness the extraordinary of the year 2020 and welcome the year of 2021 that full of passion and dreams!

At 9 am, the annual meeting officially started. The company leaders of each department and the persons in charge of overseas branches such as South Korea and Malaysia respectively summarized the work and harvest in 2020, and made a detailed and objective summary report on the work of teaching business, university business, overseas operation (Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Russia, etc.), resources development, technology research and development, etc., which are showing the work’s results, and analyzing significant problems, and proposing practical solutions. Which let the past year of 2020 become the source of power to promote future development, change and breakthrough.

After summarizing the reports from each department, President Li Jinsong reported the 2020 year-end report. He stated that due to the year of 2020’s COVID-19 epidemic spread, the life around the world like pressed with the pause button. But, at the same time, that is clicked the fast forward button for the great changes in the world and the development of human history, especially the development of education.

How to deal with sudden changes, turn difficulties into opportunities, and contribute to a new round of international education reform is the inescapable mission of Tang people. Tang has always adhered to the positioning and goal of "providing SAAS cloud services for global international academic education, based on modern Chinese teaching services, and realizing the platform of global educational resources, mutual recognition the credits, and sharing of sources", and continues to make efforts and deepened its effort. At present, it has provided SAAS cloud service support for nearly 500 well-known China and foreign universities and modern international education in higher vocational education, and there is huge for growth.

Then, Mr. Li made an in-depth summary and review of business revenue, user and usage data, product function upgrades, market influence, rear support guarantee, international strategic adjustment and development, and so on: In the past year, Tang’s business revenue has reached a new high, the number of service colleges,teachers and students has increased sharply, and the effective application of data has achieved exponential growth.

At the same time, Tang products have been continuously upgraded and improved in terms of interactivity, personalization, systematicness, safety and ease of use. The successful held of events such as the Sino-Thai "Internet +" Chinese Learning Program and the Global Chinese Micro-lecture Contest have influence of the market expanded. A series of remarkable achievements are the results and rewards of the Tang people overcoming the difficulties and working hard together. As long as we are united, brave, facing challenges, and embracing uncertainty, we can achieve its!

In the afternoon, President Li Jinsong made a plan for the future development direction. The leaders of the headquarters and overseas branches disassembled and refined the work objectives, so that each plan could be highly implemented. In this new year, Tang will continue to promote the digitalization, platformization and ecologicalization of business development, and move towards the direction of small company and big ecology.

Finally, Mr. Li urged that every Tang people should be learn hard, embrace change, and grow up with Tang together.

After reported the work summary plan, the 2020 annual awards commendation conference was officially began. The Tang's development is inseparable from the efficient management of the each department’s leaders, who lead their subordinate to keep pace with the development of the company and take the resposibility; the growth of Tang is also inseparable from the frontline employees’ hard work and cooperation. It is with the joint efforts of every Tang people that let Tang has made a new height every year. Tang company has commends and rewards the outstanding employees, outstanding new employees, outstanding department leaders, outstanding teams, and annual special contribution employees, and fully affirms their efforts and contributions. In the future, Tang people will be more united and move forward togethers.

Looking back on the year of 2020, we have encountered more difficulties than estimated, and our achievements have far exceeded expectations. Looking forward to 2021, this is not only a new starting point, but also a new situation which full of challenges and hopes. Bravery comes from hardship, and hard work begins to succeed, Tang people are willing to join hands with all partners and users, wind and rain in the same boat, climb the peak together!

Finally, I would like to thank all the partners and users who have accompanied with us by all the way. I wish you all an auspicious year of the Ox and good health for all families!