As a tribute of the diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan of 70th anniversary establishment, Tang opened a new journey of China-Pakistan vocational education cooperation
Tang : 2021-04-20

The year of 2021 is the 70th anniversary establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan. At this historic moment, Tang International Education Group officially landed in Pakistan and fully launched China-Pakistan international education collaboration. Tang International Education Group will carry out in-depth collaboration with Pakistan vocational education institutions and colleges with its mature "CCTE" dual-degree international education cooperation model and "Internet +" modern teaching product system, and introduce China’s superior disciplines to train local teachers in Pakistan. And apply modern teaching system to cultivate international technical local talents for China and Pakistan ’s major industrial projects and present the 70th anniversary establishment of the diplomatic relations among them.

On April 16, Mr. Ahmed Farooq, Pakistan's Deputy Ambassador to China, on behalf of Mr. Moinul Haque, Pakistan's Ambassador to China, cordially received Tang's team at the Pakistan Embassy in China. Tang's team introduced the "CCTE" mode cooperation to Mr. Ahmed Farooq in detail, in-depth and comprehensively, and demonstrated Tang's modern education products to him also; Mr. Ahmed Farooq agrees the pain point that mentioned by Tang, Pakistan is currently shortage of high-quality vocational and technical talents, and he highly recognized Tang’s “CCTE” dual-degree international cooperative model. He believes that this model is very consistent with the needs of the development of vocational education in Pakistan and will be well developed and applied in Pakistan also. Mr. Ahmed Farooq also highly praised that Tang people who was sharing the spirit of the China's advanced vocational education model and superior disciplines to Pakistan. He immediately arranged the commissioner to connect with Tang and he will give the full coordination role of the embassy in China to help Tang promote the various cooperation projects which implement in Pakistan.

Mr. Ahmed Farooq, Deputy Ambassador of Pakistan to China, cordially received Tang’team.

Mr. Ma Xiaoyan, the CEO of Pakistan Tang, introduced the CCTE model to Mr. Ahmed Farooq, Deputy Ambassador of Pakistan in China

Pakistan has long been a true friend of China sharing weal and woe. China and Pakistan have deep cooperation in many fields. Bringing China's advanced vocational education into Pakistan is a undoubtedly win-win industry cooperation. Pakistan has a population of nearly 250 million, and about 60% are young people who aged 30 and below, but there is a huge education gap there.

Under the "one belt, one road" initiative, and with the full spread of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor", there is an explosive demand for vocational and technical talents in Pakistan, especially in infrastructure construction and modern agricultural market, but there is a huge gap in education level and education supply capacity.

The Federal Government of Pakistan recognizes the importance and urgency of improving vocational skills of the labor force. In recent years, they have been looking for international cooperation through various channels and ways to alleviate the shortage of training capabilities and low level ability in Pakistan. However, currently Pakistan’s vocational education still generally suffers from low levels of teachers, outdated teaching facilities, outdated courses, lack of practical experiences, mismatch of teaching courses and industry needs, lack of international and high-quality education, and only focus quantity instead of quality.

Thus it can be seen that Pakistan has a relatively backward education system, especially the lack of internationalization, modernization and information-based vocational education, which have caused Pakistan to face a serious shortage of high-quality international vocational skills. The construction of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" is urgently needs a large number of interdisciplinary talents who understand Chinese, understand China business culture and they possess professional skills.

In this situation, Tang International Education Group was started China-Pakistan vocational education cooperation at the end of the year 2020, which was relying on the successful experience of international education cooperation and information products resources that accumulated over 10 years, with the aim of promoting China-Pakistan’s economic and cultural exchanges and supporting the training of local talents in Pakistan. At present, Tang has carried out all-round exchanges and cooperation with Ministry of Education of Pakistan, provincial vocational education committees of Pakistan and non-governmental public welfare fund organizations.

The unique of Tang’s “CCTE” dual-degree international education cooperation model and “Internet+” modern education products will provide nearly 300 universities and vocational colleges in Pakistan with China-Pakistan modern cooperative education solutions. This has been widely recognized by Pakistan’s government education departments, colleges and universities and non-governmental organizations. Until now, Tang International Group has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many Pakistan vocational colleges and non-profit organizations. The "CCTE" dual-degree international vocational education cooperation model will surely shine brilliantly in Pakistan’s vocational education.

For more than ten years, Tang people have adhered to the mission of "Core Values of Chinese Language and Sinology are in Harmony of Coexistence and Cooperation", forged ahead, deeply cultivated the cause of international education informatization, and established a complete ecosystem of internationalized, informatized, and intelligent teaching products.

In recent years, with the support of China’s open education policies, the Tang’s unique CCTE model has been created in the field of international educational cooperation, which has won more recognition and contributed some modest efforts to the development of Chinese education between China and foreign countries.

"Tang people don’t forget the initial ideal and ambition, and have a deep cooperation in running schools." With the joint support of relevant people from China and Pakistan, and after sufficient research and preparation, Tang's full-scale business in Pakistan is ready to start.

At the important milestone of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, we look forward to starting a new journey of modernization, internationalization and informationization of China-Pakistan vocational education cooperation and continuing to write a new chapter for this friendship.