Tang Chinese supported the online summer camp of "2021 Shanghai International Sister Cities Youth Camp", which was successfully held
Tang : 2021-08-04

The 2021 Shanghai International Sister Cities Youth Camp, sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, undertaken by Yangpu District Education Bureau and co-organized by Yangpu Education International Exchange Service Center, was successfully held online from July 18 to 31, 2021. Tang Chinese provided page design, live broadcast of the opening ceremony, and technical support and services such as online learning and cultural dissemination for campers through the Tang Cloud platform.

Exclusive display page for camp online activities, login page for online camp

Chen Qun, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Huang Yongping, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Xie Jiangang, Secretary of Yangpu District Party Committee and other relevant leaders, as well as representatives of Shanghai sister cities in Shanghai attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Tang Chinese supported the live broadcast of the opening ceremony.

Leaders came to watch the opening ceremony

Shanghai International Sister Cities Youth Camp” has been successfully held for 11 years since its inception in 2009. It has received more than 1,000 teachers and students from 38 international sister cities and regions around the world, and training a group of young people who know China, friendly, and love China.” In the year 2021, due to the epidemic, the camp was conducted online for the first time. Through the Tang Chinese International Education Cloud Platform and the "Tang Classroom" APP. Let Shanghai volunteers from Espoo (Finland), Liverpool (England), Antwerp (Belgium), Budapest (Hungary), St. Petersburg (Russia), Chicago (United States), Montreal, Quebec (Canada), Jalisco (Mexico), Rosario (Argentina), Alexandria (Egypt), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Yokohama (Japan), Nagasaki (Japan), Busan (South Korea), Jeju (South Korea),Colombo(Sri Lanka), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Jakarta (Indonesia), Queensland (Australia) and others, more than 190 overseas campers which from 19 sister cities and regions, through the cloud platform for studied online courses and participated in different forms of live broadcast activities and tasks, so that campers from different time zones could participate in camp activities anytime and anywhere.

Tang supported of live broadcast for this opening ceremony

The organizers of this camp worked together to establish the "Shanghai International Sister Cities" (referred to as " Sister Cities") resource database on the Tang Chinese International Education Cloud Platform for the first time, and produced more than 200 video courses and collected more than 20,000 photographic pictures, so that campers from all over the world can use the video resources such as "Traveling Shanghai", "Traveling University", "Shanghai Families" and "Intangible Heritage Art Appreciation " which from Sister Cities Resource Library to feel Chinese traditional culture and appreciate Shanghai's cultural features.

On-site service support during the camp activities

Tang Chinese will continue to explore the application model of informatization products, devote itself to providing more users with personalized and innovative technical services, and set up a service platform, so that more and more overseas people can learn Chinese, understand Chinese, tell Chinese stories and spread Chinese culture through the platform.