Tang signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Vocational Education Bureau of Sindh province, Pakistan—China and Pakistan modernization vocational education cooperation adds new energy
Tang : 2021-11-08

Tang signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the chairman of Sindh Vocational Education Bureau

On November 5, 2021, Tang International Education Group and Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Bureau of Pakistan officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement online. After Punjab province, Tang’s CCTE model of China-Pakistan modernization dual-degree vocational education in Sindh province is also fully opened, it is another important milestone for China-Pakistan modernization vocational education cooperation platform.

Mr. Salim Raza Jalbani, Chairman of Sindh Vocational Education Bureau, and Mr. Guram Mustafa Suhag, Executive Director, attended the ceremony and signed the agreement on behalf of Sindh Vocational Education Bureau. Nearly 50 guests, including the leaders of various departments of the Sindh Vocational Education Bureau and the presidents of the vocational and technical colleges under the Sindh Province Vocational Education Bureau, have attended the offline signing ceremony at the headquarters of the Vocational Education Bureau of Sindh Province, Karachi.

In his speech, Mr. Salim Raza Jalbani, said that Pakistan and China have a long and good traditional friendship, and Karachi plays a very important role in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. He hoped that the cooperation will bring innovation and development to the vocational and technical colleges in Karachi and the whole Sindh province. “Today is a historic day for the development of the vocational education department in Sindh province. I believe that this cooperation with Tang's CCTE China-Pakistan dual-degree program can bring fruitful results.” He also expressed his gratitude to Tang for actively maintaining communication with the Sindh Vocational Education Bureau for both two parties and finally reach this cooperation.

Tang and Sindh Vocational Education Bureau are remotely connected for signing ceremony

“Today, we are sitting in Beijing and Karachi, which are the two of the largest cities in the world, and signing strategic cooperation agreements through the Internet, which is the embodiment of the unique charm of modern information technology.” Tang International Education Group was founded more than 15 years ago, to supporting China-foreign educational cooperation through modern educational technology. We are honored to have the opportunity to take advantage of the accumulated modern educational technology to support and serve the development of vocational education system in Sindh Province, President Li Jinsong, founder of Tang International Education Group, he said, " We are grateful for the recognition and support of the Vocational Education Bureau of Sindh Province, so that the two parties can reach a cooperation agreement and establish a strategic partnership for the goal of 'creating employment with skills', which is not only an exciting phased achievement, but also a new starting point. Tang is willing to assist the Sindh Vocational Education Bureau and the excellent China higher vocational colleges to reach a substantive CCTE China-Pakistan modern dual education program which as a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan."

Vocational and technical education has made important contributions to China's economic take-off, poverty alleviation and employment in the past 30 years. Tang will export China's dominant disciplines to Pakistan through the CCTE model to systematically enhance the modernization level of Pakistan's vocational education system. We warmly welcome like-minded Chinese excellent higher vocational colleges to join the China-Pakistan CCTE program to help Pakistan train local high-quality technical and skilled talents, who to assist the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, promote the prosperity and development of Pakistan for the next 70 years of China-Pakistan friendship.