Turkish Education Counsellor Visited Tang, the Modern China-Turkey Educational Cooperation is in Progress
Tang : 2021-11-11

On November 9, 2021, Ms. Cansu Körkem, Education Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in China, and Mr. Tayfun Kalkan, Director of the Turkish Cultural Center in Beijing, visited Tang 's headquarters in Beijing. They had an in-depth and detailed discussion with Tang team on China-Turkey educational cooperation and cultural exchanges. The two parties had a good talk and reached a consensus on the all-round China-Turkey education cooperation based on Tang's modernized international education product system and CCTE model, and the modernized China-Turkey education cooperation entered the prologue.

Based on the early communication between the two parties, Tang's senior product experts comprehensively introduced Tang's modern international education product system, application cases and the achievements of CCTE model Sino foreign cooperative school running project to counsellor Cansu Körkem, and also demonstrated the main functions of Tang's international education cloud platform. In the process of explanation and demonstration, Counsellor Cansu Körkem and Director Tayfun Kalkan, discussed the details and functions of teaching with the Tang team from time to time. The rich and delicate function of Tang's educational product ecosystem made Counsellor Cansu Körkem and Director Tayfun Kalkan applaud, especially the modern Chinese teaching support function and unique features such as teaching big data and deep learning applications, and expressed the hope that Tang products can be used to support educational cooperation between Turkey and China, local Chinese teaching in Turkey and international teaching of Turkish language; As for the CCTE model China-Turkey dual-degree joint talent training program proposed by Tang, Counselor Cansu Körkem said that she has shared relevant information about the CCTE program with relevant education authorities in Turkey. At present, some Turkish universities have expressed their strong willingness to cooperate with this CCTE model program.

President Li Jinsong expressed his gratitude to Counselor Cansu Körkem for her favor, who recognize and support for Tang’s modern international education products and CCTE model. He hoped that Tang could assist educational institutions in China and Turkey to promote the implementation of multi-level education cooperation in dual-degree joint talent training program of CCTE model, to promote educational, cultural and economic exchanges between the two countries.

China and Turkey both have a long history and splendid culture, which are worthy of mutual learning and exchanges between the two countries’ peoples. This year also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Turkey. Tang is willing to serve and support the modern education cooperation between the two countries with the technology, products and resources which accumulated over the past 15 years, and through the CCTE model which can bring China's advantageous disciplines such as high-speed rail and artificial intelligence to help Turkey's technological and economic development

At the same time, through the modern Chinese teaching and Turkish teaching methods, it provides a new path for students of both countries to learn each other's language and culture, thus promoting mutual understanding and common development between the two countries, which as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Turkey.