CCTE Model Dual-degree Cooperation Program between Beijing Normal University and the Parliamentary University of the Eurasian Economic Union of Russia has Successfully Implemented under the Support of Tang
Tang : 2021-12-06

With the rapid development of economic globalization and internationalization of higher education, China needs to further increase the development of international education in terms of scale, level, specialty, management and training quality. The report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that persisting in "promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind" which has put forward a new era mission for the opening of education to the outside world. With the deepening of China's education opening to the outside world, countries along the "the belt and road initiative" have become the focus of expanding educational exchanges and cooperation. Subsequently, the Ministry of Education issued the “Opinions of the Ministry of Education and other eight departments on Accelerating and Expanding the Opening-up of Education in the New Era”, which focused on the deployment of the opening-up of education in the new era.

Tang International Education Group has been responding to the China call to serve the international education cooperation projects of the countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" route. Tang's CCTE cooperation model has been highly praised in Russia, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries, and has been affirmed by many colleges and universities and loved by overseas students.

Relying on Tang's modern information technology, this model aims to complete the academic education of dual-registration, joint training of dual-campuses and dual-degree after graduation through the integrated Sino-foreign education cooperation of "Chinese (C) + Business culture (C) + Training (T) + Employment (E)".

In 2021, Tang and Beijing Normal University will establish a cooperative relationship for the further implementation of the CCTE dual-degree cooperative education program. Under the coordination of Tang's organization, Beijing Normal University held a tripartite video conference with the Parliamentary University of the Eurasian Economic Union of Russia, and with the participation of university-level leaders from both sides, they reached a consensus on the cooperation of the CCTE law program. After the meeting, the two parties communicated efficiently on the details of cooperation such as academic system setting, joint talent training program, CCTE program cooperation agreement and the responsibilities of the three parties at each stage, and passed the examination of the degree office of the Russian and China universities and other relevant departments at the end of August of the same year, signed the cooperation agreement and officially entered the enrollment stage. The enrollment of the program was completed in late September, which marked the successful implementation of the Sino-Russian CCTE undergraduate-level of law major in dual-degree cooperation program.

China-Russia Tripartite Video Conference

Student of the Eurasian Economic Union Parliamentary University

The program uses the model of "2.5 (in Russia) + 1.5 (in China)", adopts bilingual teaching in China and Russia, offers China and Russian law courses, Tang Chinese courses, Chinese courses for law majors, China overview, etc., so that students can improve their Chinese language level from zero to HSK5, and rely on Tang modern international education cloud platform to realize the recordable, traceable, queryable, and convertible learning data of CCTE cooperation in running schools, and finally issue dual-degree certificates of law and graduation certificates for students who meet the graduation requirements of universities on both parties.

During the implementation of CCTE cooperative education program, Tang provides modern technology, including international education cloud platform, intelligent curriculum generation system, Tang classroom APP and HSK mock examination platform, to provide support for information-based teaching methods for both universities and providing technical service guarantee for talent cultivation!

In the context of the raging global epidemic, the successful implementation of the program is a new breakthrough for both universities, especially the selection of the law program, which is a milestone in the development of International Education of Sino-Russian. We firmly believe that this will also become a model for more fields of Sino-Russian education cooperation and training of high-quality international talents!

I believe that in the near future, Tang will join hands with more China and foreign universities to create more majors and fields of CCTE dual-degree education programs, and cultivate more outstanding talents for Sino-foreign industry cooperation!