Three China-Pakistan International Colleges were unveiled successfully, and the CCTE model of China-Pakistan modern dual-degree joint talent training program officially landed in Pakistan
Tang : 2021-12-09

On December 8th, 2021, Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, Guangdong Construction Polytechnic and Peili Vocational College, together with Alama iqbal Provincial Institute of Technology in Lahore, Taksila Provincial Institute of Technology and Faisalabad Agricultural University, respectively, witnessed by the guests of Pakistan Embassy in China, unveiled three CCTE models of China-Pakistan International College, and the CCTE model officially landed in Pakistan.

Ali Salman Sidiki, chairman of Punjab Vocational Education Bureau, Dr. Mohamed Anjum Khan, President of Community College of Faisalabad Agricultural University and other officials of Punjab vocational education system and leaders of Faisalabad Agricultural University attended the event at Punjab Vocational Education Bureau; in order to fully comply with the epidemic prevention and control policy, Tang and all China Cooperative colleges and universities participated through online meetings at their respective home sites.

After signing the strategic cooperation agreement with the Punjab Vocational Education Bureau and Faisalabad Agricultural University, Tang took the attitude of pragmatic cooperation, made a full preliminary demonstration and close communication with Pakistan, and finally reached an agreement, which taking the lead in carrying out the first batch of CCTE model cooperation with civil technology, information technology and modern agricultural technology closely related to the construction of China-Pakistan economic corridor in Pakistan, so as to cultivate local technical and skilled talents in which are extremely scarce in Pakistan's current talent market.

The people of China and Pakistan have a strong friendship. In the process of contacting with China universities, a number of excellent vocational and technical colleges in China expressed their strong desire to join the CCTE model with double degree in China and Pakistan.

Finally, Tang had the honor to assist Peili Vocational College, Faisalabad Agricultural University, Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College and Guangdong Construction Vocational and Technical College to reach cooperation with the Vocational Education Bureau of Punjab Province. And all parties discussed and agreed to jointly hold the unveiling ceremony of the CCTE model China-Pakistan double degree cooperation project to present the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan.

During the ceremony, Yang Cheng, Secretary of the party committee of Peili Vocational College, Wang Hui, Deputy Secretary of the party committee and President of Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College, and Zhao Pengfei, President of Guangdong Construction Vocational and Technical College, all expressed their sincere wishes and good expectations for this CCTE model project. Mr. Ali Salman Siddiqui, President of Punjab Vocational Education Bureau, expressed his gratitude to Tang for his efforts and work for the development of vocational education system in Punjab, he warmly welcomed and looked forward to the cooperation of CCTE model between Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College and Alama Iqbal Provincial Institute of Technology in Lahore, Guangdong Construction Vocational and Technical College and Taksila Provincial Institute of Technology, and he hoped that all parties could implement the preparatory as soon as possible and start enrolling students.

He pointed out that Pakistan urgently needs to learn the China's advanced vocational and technical education system, and the cooperation with Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College and Guangdong Construction Vocational and Technical College in the fields of software and civil technology. Punjab Vocational Education Bureau also needs to learn from the cooperation between Peili Vocational College and Faisalabad Agricultural University, and cooperate with China universities to carry out CCTE model in the agricultural and other technical fields to promote the innovation and development of vocational and technical education in Pakistan.

The establishment of these three CCTE model of "China-Pakistan International Colleges" is an important step for Tang's business in Pakistan. We also firmly believe that this will be an important step in the history of China Pakistan vocational and technical education cooperation. Tang people will stick to their original intention, continue to actively take the CCTE international education cooperation model of "Chinese + Business Culture + Vocational Skills + Employment" to promote practical educational cooperation between colleges and universities of China and Pakistan, and create a broader platform for vocational and technical education cooperation between China and Pakistan.

While assisting China's vocational and technical education to "go global", it also promotes the development and innovation of Pakistan's relatively backward and old vocational and technical education system; Through a sustainable international education cooperation model, we will continue to cultivate high-quality local technical and skilled talents in Pakistan and contribute to the sustainable development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor; through educational exchanges and cooperation, we will be a practitioner and contributor to the construction of a closer China-Pakistan community with a shared future in the new era.