Tang International Education Group participated "2022 China Education Opportunities Virtual Event"
Tang : 2022-05-01

April 27, the China Education Association for International Exchange hosted the "2022 China Education Opportunities Virtual Event". Tang International Education Group was invited to participate in this exhibition, and together with more than 140 colleges and universities across the country to promote our project to domestic and foreign institutions and international students through the Internet.

During the opening ceremony in the morning, leaders of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Education, China Education Association for International Exchange, Asean-China Centre and other related institutions told the guests about the new future of international education cooperation, conveying the determination and confidence of China's education to open to the outside world, deepen the expansion and cooperation with overseas institutions and contribute to the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

In the afternoon online live broadcast, Zhuang Lei, director of the Department of International Vocational Education Collaboration of Tang International Education Group, made a keynote report. From the information products of Tang International Education Group, the new model of CCTE Sino-foreign cooperative education, overseas business expansion and cooperation, etc. It fully demonstrates the efforts and contributions of Tang International Education Group in promoting Sino-foreign educational exchanges and cooperation, which vividly outlines the international development path and future prospects of modern vocational education. At the meeting, many institutions expressed their strong interest in cooperating with Tang International Education Group. At the end of the presentation, the Tang International Education Group team also responded to the questions that the participants were interested in.

Tang International Education Group has been closely following the strategic layout of the national education opening to the outside world, actively building a platform for international education exchanges and project cooperation between Chinese and foreign institutions, and providing solutions and services. Through CCTE model, Tang International Education Group has served many Chinese universities and higher vocational colleges for overseas school-running projects that have truly landed in Russia, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries, and achieved close collaboration in projects, establish overseas branch campuses, teaching and further study in China. The CCTE model of Sino-foreign cooperative education is based on the modern educational information technology of Tang International Education Group, and build a new model of Sino-foreign integrated educational cooperation of "Chinese language + business culture + skills + employment". Through the international education project of dual registration, dual campus joint training, and dual academic qualifications for students from the two countries, cultivate overseas localized talents who understand Chinese, understand Chinese business culture and have professional skills. Realize the traceability, inquiry and conversion of the education process, and ensure the high-quality training of international talents.

The educational information products of Tang International Education Group have been widely used by more than 500 institutions in China and abroad. It not only enables tens of thousands of teachers and students to use modern tools and high-quality resources to carry out daily teaching through the Tang International Education Cloud Platform, but also the Understanding China courses and Tang Chinese series courses have been widely praised by teachers and students during their use. At the same time, Tang International Education Platform also supports Chinese institutions to develop disciplines and curriculum resources. At present, there are more than 4,000 credit courses from different colleges and universities relying on the Tang platform to carry out teaching. It has successfully helped some Chinese institutions to obtain overseas official certification for their international curriculum construction, which has promoted the improvement of the quality of international curriculum construction in Chinese institutions and the overseas export of standardized curriculum systems.

This online exhibition not only shows the achievements of China's higher education development, but also gives Tang International Education Group the opportunity to spread Tang's products, models and concepts to Chinese and foreign institutions through the platform of China Education Association for International Exchange. Better support Tang International Education Group in serving China's "Double First-Class" universities and "Double High" vocational schools, export high-quality disciplines and resources from Chinese institutions to overseas, serve more countries along the “Belt and Road”. Enhance China's international education brand and international influence.