Tang International Education Group helped the successful holding of the 13th “Shanghai International Sister Cities Youth Camp”

From July 18th to 31st, Tang International Education Group provided technical service support for the 13th “2022 Shanghai International Sister Cities Youth Camp”. This event is mainly organized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, undertaken by Yangpu Education Bureau, and co-organized by Yangpu Education International Exchange Center and International Education Association Shanghai.

This summer camp was not only loved by campers and volunteers, but also received extensive attention from the Shanghai Municipal Government, news media and all sectors of society. Shanghai Education Television Station reported the event live. Furthermore, it has also been widely reported and promoted by major media such as China News, China Education News Web, Shanghai Morning Post, Sohu, Tencent, Shanghai Evening Post, Shanghai Observer, People’s Convergence Media, The Paper, and CNR News. This summer camp came to a successful conclusion.

Tang informatization series products provide online platform support for this summer camp. The participants of this event are mainly 144 summer campers from sister cities in 16 countries including Russia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Thailand and 160 volunteers from various districts in Shanghai. They participated the online learning exchange of this summer camp through the PC terminal of Tang International Education Cloud Platform or TangClass APP.

Although campers and Shanghai volunteers from various countries can’t meet offline under normal circumstances of epidemic prevention and control, they still practice the spirit of “communication, collaboration, friendship and understanding” through online learning through the cloud platform.

Tang International Education Cloud Platform online support summer camp opening ceremony goes smoothly. At the opening ceremony, Huang Yongping, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Xie Jiangang, Secretary of Yangpu Party Committee, Xue Kan, Deputy Secretary and District Head of Yangpu Party Committee, Li Yongzhi, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Liu Guangyong, Deputy Director of Foreign Affair Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Wang Hao, Deputy District Head of Yangpu, Jiang Haishan, President of International Education Association Shanghai, and representatives of Shanghai sister cities in Shanghai attended the opening ceremony and delivered relevant speeches through online video connection.

The summer camp lasted for two weeks on Tang Cloud Platform. During the event, summer camp campers and volunteers watch the live class of the event through the PC terminal of Tang International Education Cloud Platform or TangClass APP every day, complete the daily activities of the summer camp and submit cultural works related to the course, such as calligraphy, paper cutting, flower and bird fans, tie-dye and other traditional Chinese culture and arts.

All campers and volunteers learn about the real life of Shanghai people through the cloud platform summer camp courses, learn Mandarin courses, and become familiar with Shanghai's universities, primary and secondary schools. Through the sharing of the campers in youth forum activities, the volunteers in Shanghai learned about the local conditions of sister cities in various countries, and gradually established a deep friendship through online interactive Q&A and exchanges.

At the closing event, Mr. Zhou Qinjian, Director of the International Exchange Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, warmly congratulated all the campers and volunteers for the successful completion of this online summer camp. The online method can also realize exchanges between young people from various countries, deepen mutual understanding and establish friendship bonds.

At the end of the closing event, all campers and volunteers turned on their microphones and sang “You Raise Me Up”. On the screen, smiling faces of different skin tones form the most beautiful picture. With laughter and the reluctant farewell, the 2022 Shanghai International Sister Cities Youth Camp officially came to an end.

After 2021, this summer camp will continue to enrich and optimize the sister cities resource library on Tang International Education Cloud Platform. Up to now, the total number of resources in the sister cities resource library has reached 693, 19 systematic courses, 78 sets homework, more than 10,000 minutes of video, accumulated more than 30,000 original photography pictures. The huge resource base and rich course content allow campers and Shanghai volunteers from all over the world to understand the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture through activities, appreciate the rapid development and changes in Shanghai, and make full use of the Internet to communicate and learn.

Although the Shanghai International Sister Cities Youth Camp has come to an end, the technical services of Tang International Education Group will never stop. We will uphold the mission and vision of “Sharing Chinese as a gift to the whole world” through Internet technology and products, together with governments and schools of various countries to promote international exchanges and collaboration in the field of education, and build a platform for education collaboration and exchanges between Chinese and other countries in the world. Constantly explore the application mode of information products, and devote to providing more users with personalized and innovative technical service forms.

We will continue to work hard to continuously optimize and build a learning platform in the field of international education. We firmly believe that in the future, more and more international students will learn Mandarin through platform, understand Chinese culture, and tell Chinese stories well!