Warm Congratulations on the Official Establishment of Shangda-Tang Micro-Lesson Research Center

On September 26, 2022, the unveiling ceremony of the Shangda-Tang Micro-Lesson Research Center and the seminar on promoting educational informatization and educational resource digitization jointly organized by the College of International Education Shanghai University and Tang International Education Group were successfully held.

Professor Cui Xiliang of Beijing Language and Culture University, Professor Zhao Yang, Dean of the School of Chinese as a Second Language of Peking University, Professor Wang Xuesong, Secretary of the School of International Chinese Language Education at Beijing Normal University, Professor Zheng Yanqun, Research Institute of International Chinese Language Education, Beijing Language and Culture University, Professor Pei Yulai, Deputy Dean of the College of International Education Shanghai University, Li Jinsong, President of Tang International Education Group attended the event. At the same time, more than 50 leading teachers from 42 institutes witnessed the historical moment of the unveiling of the Shangda-Tang Micro-Lesson Research Center online.

Offline and online attendees

The conference is divided into two parts: the unveiling ceremony and the keynote report and discussion. Professor Pei Yulai presided over the first stage unveiling ceremony, Professor Cui Xiliang and Professor Zhao Yang delivered speeches respectively. At the same time, Tianjin University, North China University of Science and Technology, Northeast Normal University, Shandong University, Hunan Normal University, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Northwest Normal University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Northwest University, Shanghai International Studies University, Sichuan International Studies University and other sister units sent congratulatory messages online, congratulating on the official establishment of Shangda-Tang Micro-Lesson Research Center.

It is hoped that the center will take advantage of the existing platform to provide data and teaching resources for industry teachers, allow teachers to conduct in-depth training, produce theoretical results, feedback teaching practice, and promote continuous exchanges and cooperative research among industry experts.

The appointment ceremony of the first batch of specially-appointed experts of the Shangda-Tang Micro-Lesson Research Center was held on the spot. President Li Jinsong and Prof. Pei Yulai issued letters of appointment to Prof. Cui Xiliang, Prof. Wang Xuesong, Prof. Zhao Yang and Prof. Zheng Yanqun. Besides, Prof. Wang Xuesong, President Li Jinsong, and Prof. Li Yingjie delivered speeches on behalf of the consultant experts of the micro-lesson competition, the cooperation units of the Micro-Lesson Research Center, and the Director of the Micro-Lesson Research Center.

Prof. Li Yingjie, Dean of the College of International Education Shanghai University and Director of the Shangda-Tang Micro-Lesson Research Center, mentioned that “I sincerely hope that this can be used to build an innovative platform. Relying on the extremely rich resources and data of the Tang International Education Group platform, give full play to the advantages of scientific research and talents in colleges and universities, jointly promote the transformation of academic research and scientific research results, and jointly promote the new development of international Chinese language education with technological empowerment, jointly explore the new situation of the integration of production and education in international Chinese language education.”

Shangda-Tang Micro-Lesson Research Center unveiling ceremony and special expert appointment ceremony

The second phase of the keynote report and seminar was hosted by Prof. Wang Xuesong. President Li Jinsong made a report titled “Walking Together, Becoming the Leader of Modern Digital International Education”. President Li Jinsong’s report was thought-provoking, and he put forward “three points of view, one judgment”, which was international education is an important support for China’s economic security, international education will be the key breakthrough direction for China’s service trade surplus, the advantages of the development of the digital economy are a strong support for the development of China’s international education.

Prof. Pei Yulai clarified the positioning of Shangda-Tang Micro-Lesson Research Center. He reported that improve the quality of international Mandarin education personnel training, improve the intelligence level of international Mandarin teaching, school-enterprise collaboration non-profit organization aiming at promoting the development of international Mandarin education, problem-driven, academic research institution, recent center work plan.

Prof. Zheng Yanqun, as a representative of the specially appointed experts of the research center, explained the research direction of the micro-lesson research center from three aspects: “micro-lesson itself must be hard, micro-lessons and courses, institutes and subjects, micro-lessons and social education”.

Keynote reports and seminars

In the discussion session, online and offline experts conducted special discussions on promoting education informatization, digitalization of educational resources, positioning of micro-lesson research center and the role of the industry. Prof. Wu Heping shared the application experience of the micro-lesson competition works in the training of master in international Mandarin education in service institutions, and raised expectations for the construction of micro-lesson platform.

Prof. Zhang Yanli shared that while using Tang International Education Group’s information product system for course construction, it has accumulated a large number of auxiliary credit course data assets, which has improved the ability of Mandarin education master students to use information-based teaching methods, and helped teachers apply for national scientific research projects.

Mr. Xu Suping, Director of Tang International Education Group’s Resource and Product Center, introduced Tang International Education Group’s efforts and achievements in platform and industry from three aspects: “demand-driven, security assurance, and application-oriented”. In addition to continuing to introduce more advanced and cutting-edge technologies, Tang International Education Group will also rely on existing mature technologies to deepen the application level and ensure safety. At present, Tang International Education Group’s platform has passed the national security level three protection. We will continue to work hard at the product level to provide security for users, while maintaining close communication with the industry to serve teachers, institutes and the entire industry.

Prof. Cui Xiliang from Beijing Language and Culture University made a summary of the conference

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Cui Xiliang from Beijing Language and Culture University made a high-level summary of the conference. This conference analyzed from different angles from the three levels of macro, meso and micro. Prof. Cui pointed out that international education should cultivate high-level talents. Shangda-Tang Micro-Lesson Research Center is oriented to scientific research, industry and user services. It is necessary to ensure the discovery, utilization, safety and legality of data, and at the same time form digitalization, and finally return to education itself, and build a smart teaching platform that “integrates use and construction”.

At present, the subject of international Mandarin education is in a period of great development opportunities, and Shangda-Tang Micro-Lesson Research Center hopes to play a greater role. The research center will rely on Tang International Education Group’s platform and massive resource data to promote academic research, promote the transformation of scientific research results, promote the integration of production and education, and promote the exploration of new intelligent forms of international Mandarin education.