China-Pakistan Traditional Chinese Medicine Collaboration Program Officially Launched

On October 26, 2022, Tang International Education Group signed a comprehensive strategic collaboration agreement with The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Pakistan (IUB). The two parties will jointly promote educational collaboration, industrial collaboration and formulation of relevant standards in the field of traditional Chinese medicine between China and Pakistan, and carry out all-round collaboration in the form of integration of production and education.

Established in 1925, IUB is a public university located in Bahawalpur, South Punjab, Pakistan. The university has strong teaching staff, with more than 1,800 teachers, including 550 doctors. At present, the university has 13 colleges, 123 departments, and more than 300 majors. There are more than 65,000 students and more than 780 doctoral students. It is currently one of the largest higher education institutions in Pakistan.

IUB is a leader in traditional medicine in Pakistan. It was the first university in Pakistan to offer Oriental Medicine and introduce homeopathy from Germany. Over the past year, through many exchanges with Tang International Education Group, IUB has developed a strong interest in the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine, and firmly expressed its confidence and determination to cooperate with Tang International Education Group to complete this cause.

As one of the leading universities in Pakistan, IUB will collaboration with China institutions under the coordination of Tang International Education Group to carry out multi-level cooperative education from diploma to doctorate through the CCTE model, jointly build the China-Pakistan Traditional Chinese Medicine Center, and introduce the traditional Chinese medicine education system.

In addition, under the collaboration framework of the “China-Pakistan Health Corridor” between the two countries, the two parties will give full play to their respective resource advantages in China and Pakistan to promote the establishment of the China-Pakistan Traditional Chinese Medicine Expert Committee in Pakistan. It is to organize experts from the two countries to cooperate to formulate local Chinese medicine academic and industry standards in Pakistan, and finally realize the localized application and development of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment methods and Chinese medicine industry in Pakistan, benefiting the local people.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of Chinese culture. Tang International Education Group sincerely invites industry experts, educational institutions, and enterprises to join hands in serving the “going global” cause of traditional Chinese medicine. This collaboration will promote the education and industrial collaboration between China and Pakistan in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, and further promote the people-to-people bond and the development of friendship between the two peoples.