The Opening Ceremony of Dongguan Polytechnic Employee Training for Chinese Enterprises in Pakistan was Successfully Held

On the afternoon of November 29, the opening ceremony of 2022 Dongguan Polytechnic employee training for Chinese enterprises in Pakistan was held online. He Dingxiu, President of Dongguan Polytechnic, Zeng Xiaoxia, Dean of College of International Exchange (Dongguan Polytechnic), Shi Shuqiong, Deputy Dean of College of International Exchange (Dongguan Polytechnic), Dr. Chen Peishan, corporate trainer, Zargham Abbas, Executive Director of Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD, and 134 employees from Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD attended the opening ceremony.

Mohammad Amar, Secretary-general of the Pakistan Expert Committee of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Beijing, and Li Jinsong, President of Tang International Education Group, witnessed and participated in the opening ceremony. Zhuang Lei, Director of Vocational Education Business of Tang International Education Group presided over the ceremony.

President He Dingxiu expressed warm congratulations on the smooth development of the training.

President He Dingxiu also express his heartfelt thanks to Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD and Tang International Education Group for their strong support for this training. Sincerely welcome all students to actively participate.

It is the common wish of enterprises, institutes and students to hold training for the employees of Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD to improve their technical skills, and it is also the significance of holding this training class. President He Dingxiu put forward three hopes for this training:

One is to hope that students will learn and gain something.

The second is to hope that institutes and enterprises will deepen collaboration and build a win-win situation together.

The third is to hope that everyone will form friendship and go hand in hand.

Language is the messenger of communication and the bond of friendship. President He Dingxiu hopes to normalize this kind of training, make it a brand project of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and promote non-governmental exchanges between China and Pakistan. President He Dingxiu also hope that all the students can better understand the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people, and the story of China’s development through learning Mandarin, and continue to inherit the “hardcore” friendship between China and Pakistan.

He Dingxiu, President of Dongguan Polytechnic, delivered a speech.

Zargham Abbas, Executive Director introduces their company. Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD was established in 2012. After ten years of development, it established its own customs clearance logistics company and became the largest ecological supply chain company in Pakistan. He said that he was very much looking forward to the professional training for the employees of Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD, and hoped that all employees would improve their knowledge, skills and practical ability through training.

Zargham abbas, Executive Director of Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD, delivered a speech.

Dr. Chen Peishan conducted a wonderful training on the theme of “Elementary Grammar Crash” for the employees of Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD. The content and form of this training have been well received by the company’s employees, and everyone is looking forward to the next overseas training.

2023 is the 10th anniversary of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, and also the 10th anniversary of the construction of the most influential flagship project of the “Belt and Road” : China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Over the past ten years, China and Pakistan have cooperated sincerely and achieved brilliant achievements.

This decade is also the decade in which Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD has served China-Pakistan major projects and industrial collaboration and achieved fruitful results. After 18 years of hard work, Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD has built supply chain nodes and terminals in major cities such as Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, etc. and dozens of key projects of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises in Pakistan. Guarantee and serve the basic necessities of life of hundreds of thousands of engineering personnel in Pakistan, becoming the largest Chinese-funded supply chain enterprise in Pakistan.

In order to benefit more Pakistanis, Sino Mall (PVT.) LTD actively undertakes social responsibilities, attaches great importance to localized team building, and vigorously trains local employees. Improving the Mandarin ability of employees and expanding their professional skills have become an urgent need for enterprises.

Under the communication of Tang International Education Group, a positive response was received from Dongguan Polytechnic. Dongguan Polytechnic is one of the most outstanding vocational colleges in China, and it is also a representative college for China’s vocational education to move towards the “Belt and Road” initiative. Represented by President He, the leaders of Dongguan Polytechnic actively coordinated school resources, selected excellent teachers, carefully designed courses, and organized this online training.

Through this training, all parties felt the broad mind of Dongguan Polytechnic to serve the country and serve China-Pakistan talent training, deep blessings for supporting Chinese-funded enterprises to go global and eager expectations for the growth of China-Pakistan youth. Let us work together to continuously deepen China-Pakistan comprehensive collaboration and make the tree of China-Pakistan friendship last forever.